Q:  What do you do?
A:  We use the US postal system to send insults and a matching product on someone else's behalf. We like to think of ourselves as insult liaisons.

Q:  How much does it cost?
A:  For a limited time only, the cost is $9.99

Q:   What does that include?
A:   The cost of $9.99 includes the product of your choice, a professionally produced letter and first class postage and handling to the victim as well as notification on the approximate time of arrival.

Q:   Is the price the same if I want to send it international?
A:   International rates are higher than domestic, so an additional $7.00 will be charged.

Q:   How long will it take for my victim to receive his package?
A:   An average of 2 to 5 business days, domestic. We'll let you know by e-mail when the package will be delivered.

Q:   Is this really anonymous? Can I get in any trouble for this?
A:   That's two questions. Yes, it's really anonymous, and you won't get in trouble unless you include your name or any other identification in the insult letter. WE don't know who you are. Neither will anyone else.

Q:   Will my e-mail address end up on a list somewhere?
A:   No. We don't re-sell names and we don't put you on a list.

Q:   Can you guys send insult e-mails?
A:   No. E-mail reduces the anonymity factor. Too easy to trace.

Q:   I can't think of anyone to send an insult to. Do you have any suggestions?
A:   Sending an insult of this magnitude is a personal choice but we can think of a few who might deserve it. Your boss, your ex, your co-workers, your plumber, your neighbors, your ex's boy/girlfriend, the paperboy, your teacher, your principal, your brother-in-law, your mechanic, your significant other, your congressman, your local game warden, the cop who gave you that ticket... The list is endless.

Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible for any problem that may arise from the use of our service. We reserve the right to substitute products of a general category. You'll still get deodorant, etc., it just might be a different brand. We refuse to divulge the identity of any of our clients. So, if any victim has a problem with any prank that was pulled on them, don't bother asking us. We don't keep records of our clients, and if we did we'd burn them before letting YOU or anyone else see them. Anyone who uses our service enters into a fiduciary relationship with us, not unlike a priest, attorney or doctor, so DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!
Copyright 2004 [Neil 'n' Bob]. All rights reserved.