Muhammad was a child-molesting, murderous pig, and Islamic men are pussy faggots, and their women are all ugly whores (that's why they keep them covered)

To the extremist followers of the low-life, child-molesting, murderous, anus-sniffing Muhammad...  It's truly mind-blowing that a bunch of idiots, such as Islamists, are so willfully ignorant to the Nth degree.  10,000 years of human achievement have produced nothing more than instant death for the crime of publishing a cartoon with a guy in a turban with a bomb in it.  Never mind Shakespeare, Aristotle, Reich, Goethe, refrigerators, iPods, microwaves, reduction of poverty, longer life span, global communication....  What have YOU done besides behead people and cover your women with bed sheets?

  If western civilization is so heinous, why don't you pack it up and head back to your hellish paradise where you were spawned from?  Collectively, you treat reason as if it were a disease, and stupidity as if it were a virtue.  

Why do you bother leaving your desert homes?  If you hate western culture so much, why are you here?  To bite the hand that feeds you?  I mean, what's with you people?  Liberals think these things and try to wrap their heads around your dumb-ass behavior and THAT'S your only strength... acting like murderous two-year-olds at the baby-sitter's house.  Yeah, that's right.  

You're guests in Europe while you announce to the world that you intend to kill Europeans.  Your aggression is matched only by your gross stupidity, and you give the world the impression anyone connected with Islam is a retarded psychotic without the grey matter to generate a single thought that doesn't include beheading someone, blowing yourselves up, or having sex with little boys.

After checking out THESE babes, I can see why you want to do boys.

Let's face it.  You hate yourselves because you have a deep-seated fear that you have no dick.  Guess what?  YOU DON'T!  Your women, like any women, have a deep-seated fear they are undesirable.  Well, let's tear the bedsheets off and see if they ARE desirable.  What do ya say?  Or are you scared, you fuckin' dickless cowards.

You're cockroaches.  You don't have the balls to demonstrate without hiding your faces.  Know what happens when you turn on the light in a cockroach-filled room?  They all scurry to the far corners.  We invented the Roach Motel and Black Flag.  You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

Just like cockroaches and pigs, you shit where you eat.  You hate pigs so why act like one?

We covered how dickless you are, and how cowardly you are.  Let's examine how stupid you are, and why.  (That's how we do things here.  With our brains.)  What did YOU learn in "school?"  

Western Thought Islamist Thought

Homer, Socrates, Shakespeare, Keats, Steinbeck, Kerouac, Updike, Ayn Rand, and too many others to mention.  


Omar Khayyam  (all about doing babes)
Social Sciences:  

Democracy, communism, monarchy, socialism, capitalism, tribalism, oligarchy, republic, and others too numerous to mention.


The Caliphate,  i.e. the big thug tells everyone what to do.

Evolution - in which species developed over millennia in adaptation to their environment.

Creationism - the theory that the Judeo/Christian God created the world in six days. 

Intelligent design - in which a master intelligence directed the cosmos in such a way that the conditions were fertile for life to develop as it has.

Man screws woman, and hates her for it.

2+2=4, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, differential calculus, Newtonian physics, quantum physics, and realms yet to be discovered. 

2+2=4 - one beheaded infidel=72 virgins in paradise (which you wouldn't know what to do with cause you slept through Omar Khayyam).

The Big Bang - the theory that the implosion of particulates, waves and matter created the cosmos.

Abraham, father of Jews, Christians and Muslims, was the first person to substitute animal sacrifice over human sacrifice, thus establishing the importance of human life above all others. His favored son, Isaac, begat Western Civilization.

The Crusades - the successful attempt of European Christians to prevent Muslim takeover of Europe (and we kicked your asses, too).

The Industrial Revolution

Rock 'n' Roll

Exploration of space

Ishmael,  (the son Abraham wished he never had,) begat Mohammad, who begat Islam.

Mohammad could care less about the arts, humanities, history, science, literature or philosophy.  Rape, pillage, perversion, and conquest were his 4 basic food groups, and that's all you need to know, according to your loser religion, Islam.

You migrated to Europe by the millions because you sought a better way of life, like everyone else.  Western civilization has a history of embracing all cultures, regardless of their customs.  They accepted you with open arms, but instead of assimilating and enriching the culture, you rejected it, just like Ishmael rejected his loving father.

Western civilization's greatest achievement is reason -- and you are as incapable of understanding reason as a two-year-old child.  And like a two-year-old, you throw tantrums for attention... the attention of a father who died thousands of years ago.

Grow the fuck up!

Well, maybe Europeans can put up with your bullshit, but over here in the States, our patience is wearing thin.  If you have the balls (and we all know you don't), why don't you come over to this side of the world and start something?  We'll show you just how heinous and barbaric humanity can be.  We still have guns over here, and we love pork products.  We'll gut-shoot you with pig fat and send your Islamist asses home in body bags.  For that matter, why waste the bags?  We'll let you lay where you fall, and let the dogs drag you away.

We're tired of trying to understand why the Muslim community doesn't stand up and say something about your actions.  Saying nothing means agreement.  Fine with us.  We'll treat you all as an antibody treats a disease, and kill you on sight.  

What will it take to get you over here?  Insult Islam, Muhammad, and your whole festering, putrid race?  FINE.

 Muhammad was a child-molesting, murderous pig, and Islamic men are pussy faggots, and their women are all ugly whores (that's why they keep them covered)



OK -- the line is drawn in the sand.  Come on over and get some.     




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