Heavenly Reserved Seating

What is eternal happiness worth to you?

Friends, this is the big one.  This is the granddaddy of all prizes.  This can singularly be the most important thing you do in this existence we call life.  Here, on this site, is a one way ticket to Heaven and a seat at God's right hand reserved in your name in anticipation for your inevitable demise.

Some of you may be saying, "This is too good to be true. This MUST be a hoax."  Well friends, this is no hoax.  This is the real deal and I can prove it. 

Is it not true that any earthly proof of religious dogma immediately renders it to the scientific realm?  Is it not part of religious dogma to have the faith in a mustard seed to move mountains?  According to faith, once a concept is accepted science it is no longer faith-based.  Therefore, this cannot be a hoax. 

Judge not, that ye be not judged.  Matt 7:1

It stands to reason if you judge me or this site YOU are breaking Gods law.  Just one more reason to take advantage of this most righteous offer.

Imagine... Judgment day comes, the horn blows and all 144,000 heaven goers stand in line to be interviewed before passing the pearly gates.  All except YOU, because you will be fast-tracked right past your friends and neighbors through the gates without hindrance.  No past life films showing every mistake you ever made... every word taken out of context... every guilty, pleasurable act, no matter how fun it was at the time.  Say hi to granny, your first grade teacher and all those Christian martyrs on your way past the gates because YOU are as pre-qualified as the beat cop reaching for a free apple at the fruit stand.

And best of all, you get a very cool certificate suitable for framing that shows you have paid the price for eternal bliss and happiness.  PLUS it carries a 200% money back guarantee!

What price can you put on a one way ticket to heaven?  In this case it's a mere $1.49!  Too much, you say?  Let me put this in easy to understand terms for you. In Philadelphia, an upscale restaurant is selling a philly cheese steak hoagie for $100. A tank of gasoline, at the time of this printing, costs $40. A check-up at the doctors office costs $75. Four people going to the movies will cost $48.  The list goes on and on... Can you sit there and honestly say your immortal soul isn't worth a used pair of sneakers?  If you place that kind of value on "things" you truly are doomed.  If that is the case, I suggest you go back to the main page and choose a program you can financially live with and hope for the best.

May God/Allah/Jehovah guide you.

 Be sure you click "Return to Merchant" after you do your pay pal thing in order to receive your certificate.     

Just click the card and be eternally blessed.  



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