Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the pumpkin patch you get a visit from Bradleystein.

With Jesus on his Sportster and Moses on his Shovelhead, Bradleystein on his 650 Yamahahaha completes the trio through desolate Christian communities in search of church windows to soap and tin roofed convents to corn.  

The father, son and wholly ghost took the last bike ride to the coast.


Just look at those hillbilly hats and that phony baloney punkin.  That could only mean one thing... Them Halloween skanks are back in town and they're looking for YOU!

It's been said that these spawn of Satan like Halloween cause that's the time of the year they get to pump kin.  We'll see.

There's Mitch, Casey, Sam, Hawkeye, and Bobby Jo.  Just ask em, "Who's your daddy?"









        No explanation needed.

What are YOU looking at?



Naughty...nice... Sometimes ya just can't tell the difference.

You can interview Naughty Nancy and find out for yourself by coming to the annual Halloween party at Conyngham.

(Hint... Just click Nancy's hooters.  It's ok.  No one's watching.)