If you were God, what would you go as to a Halloween party?

Imagine you're God and you just got an invitation to a Halloween party.  You're the absolute being, all knowing, all powerful, almighty, creator, daemon, deity, demigod, demon, divine being, divinity, father, holiness, holy spirit, idol, infinite spirit, Jehovah, lord, maker, man upstairs, numen, omnipotent, power, prime mover, providence, soul, spirit, totem, tutelary, world spirit, big kahuna, grand poo-bah and you need a costume for the party.  

As the most powerful deity and your own ideal, what would you be?  A few thoughts come to mind.  Elvis, Satan, a 12 year old girl, a cowboy, Merlin, Fred Flintstone, Tarzan, Santa Claus, Mae West, Yul Brenner, The Three Stooges, Manny, Moe & Jack, Jack Nicholson, Golda Mier, Linda Lovelace, a Roman slave girl, Trigger. 

What would YOU be? 


Well, BE IT and come on over and party!


Saturday, October 28th 2006.  

We'll start at sunset and party til The Pope pukes.


Don't tell me you were expecting something politically correct.



There will be pumpkins, rum, beer, bloody eyeballs, BBQ meat, rum, food of all kinds, apples with razors in them, lots of tunes, rum, wine, strange people, a deity or two, Jack Palance, Dee Wallace, Billy Dee Williams, Crusty Wallace, William Wallace, Alexander Dumbass, Crusty the Clown, Hillary Roduperass Clinton, and Larry Bird will be mixing the drinks.

Stare into my eyes and repeat...

I will GO to Tom's party.

I will bring silly string.

I will mark this on my calendar.


Saturday October 28th 2006

For directions email karmasurfer