There are people who can read the third floor of the New York public library and gain nothing. There are others who can unlock the secrets of the universe from the contents of a gum wrapper. 

I am amazed that no one who visited this page got the connection between the fortune cookie and the gum wrapper. It doesn't surprise me much but the amazement quotient is still high. I blame it on fluoride in the drinking water, DARE and Big Brother trying to dumb down America.
I shouldn't have to explain to anyone about the dumbing down of America. Just today I went to Wendy's for some take out with Mary. We ordered 2 cheeseburgers. One with fries and a mountain dew. One with ONLY cheese, lettuce, mayo and onion. We made it a point to ONLY have those things on it. We also asked for extra salt. When we got down the road we checked em out and they didn't put tomato on the one that needed it and the other had no mayo. Adding insult to injury, they graciously added ONE salt packet. Wanna know the worst part? This order was more correct than any other time we ordered anything from Wendy's in the past year. It's not just Wendy's that's messing things up. Name a company and ask yourself if they give reverse intelligence tests as a condition of hiring.

Idiocy as far as the eye can see, but just out of reach of the smacking hand. We need to administer the Anti-Idiocy Clue Bat of Doom (patent pending)

After all this I get responses like "with all the things in this world ...why a babes page..." and "more fluoride please"

Just shoot me now



The simple point of the gum wrapper/fortune philosophy is we can have anything we want. We are all capable of creating and mutating our own universes to any degree. The trick is knowing how to ask. 
I mutate my universe constantly to suit me, as we all do. Most people go through life getting exactly what they ask for and never realizing what they get is what's making their lives so unfulfilling and desolate. Everyone gets what they ask for but it's seldom appreciated. They go through life with the belief that life happens to them. I go through life knowing I make life happen.

I just wish I could mutate Wendy's into getting my order straight. Now THAT would be a miracle.

Just be careful what you wish for!


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