Be careful what you wish for.  You'll get it.

We've heard it all before, but never completely understood it. Let's examine this phenomenon and try to use it to our advantage.

In "Space-Time Transients and Unusual Events," Michael Persinger and Gyslaine Lafreniere, two research scientists, brought forth some interesting theories about human brain functions and magnetic fields.

In the 1800s a number of people witnessed an aircraft traveling the United States from west to east, periodically landing in various points in rural America. All these sightings were documented and reported by time and location by the press and police departments. None of the witnesses knew each other or had any idea what the others have seen. To them, they were alone in what they saw. On one occasion, a flying craft landed in a field where a farmer greeted the occupants of the machine. They wore single stars on their hats and were making pancakes. They offered the farmer some, and he claimed they tasted like regular pancakes ... nothing special. They didn't speak English, so communication was limited. Soon the craft took off with a melodious sound and proceeded on its original course.

About a century later, a man in Brooklyn reported seeing a kangaroo traveling east in the early morning. Sightings of a kangaroo were reported by several other people. from Brooklyn to Queens. Again, none of these people knew each other, and to them, the kangaroo sighting was an isolated incident. The times and places of these sightings established a kangaroo traveling approximately 8 mph from south-west Brooklyn to east Queens -- the exact speed and distance in which a kangaroo could travel. All efforts to find the kangaroo failed. It just disappeared. After an exhaustive search all kangaroos in the city were accounted for. No one in the city privately owned a kangaroo, at the time. All zoos and pet shops were questioned, as well as the airlines and ships at port. The thing just vanished, as fast as it appeared.

Using the best computer at the time, Persinger and Lafreniere correlated the times and locations of these sightings with all known data, including atmospheric conditions, moon phases, geothermal activity, radiation, etc. Interestingly, there was increased sunspot activity focused on these exact places on Earth at the times these sightings occurred. Sunspots aren't just blemishes, but are more like magnetic flares sending a focused magnetic beam. Persinger and Lefrenier offered one theory -- that it was these magnetic disturbances, coupled with earth's many fields, that allowed a human brain to create the spacecraft, the kangaroo and many other strange phenomena our science has not been able to explain. 

In other words -- matter and sentient beings created by no other means than unconscious thought. 
Unconscious creation exists in many forms. One such creation happened when Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist and colleague of Freud's (and all-around good guy), was listening to a patient describing a dream featuring a scarab, and noticed a scarab on his office window. Since scarabs are extinct, finding one on a window in Switzerland is something you can't brush off as coincidence.

"The scarab is an Egyptian symbol of rebirth," he noted. "Therefore, the propitious moment of the flying beetle indicated that the transcendental meaning of both the scarab in the dream and the insect in the room was that the patient needed to be liberated from her excessive rationalism."

Maybe so. Jung was an excellent psychiatrist, and his devotion to his art may have clouded his judgment -- but I tend to think it's much simpler than that. Jung created this scarab with no more effort than a slight passing unconscious thought. After all, Jung was into the mystical stuff, and a few years later, while he was having a discussion about spiritual symbols in ancient Egypt with a friend in England, out of nowhere a scarab beetle walked across the table. Coincidence?

The manifestation of "things" isn't new.

In my youth, I picked up a hitchhiker and we talked during the ride. He was a Buddhist, and on his way to a chanting. I had no timetable, so I took him to where he was going, and went along to see this chanting I heard so much about. I met some very cool people that night, and we talked about Buddhism and what it was about. They asked if I wanted to chant with them, and I couldn't refuse. We all kneeled in front of the Gohonzon and everyone began saying these nasal, mono-tone words. The girl next to me showed me a book, and traced with her finger what everyone was chanting --

Myo ho ren ge kyo Hobenpon. Dai ni. Niji seson ju sanmai anjo ni ki go sharihotsu, Sho but chie jinjin muryo. Go chie mon nange nannyu. Issai shomon hyakushibutsu sho fu no chi. Shoi sha ga. Butsu zo shin gon hyaku sen man noku mushu sho butsu.

This went on for quite awhile, and I didn't understand one single syllable. When it was over I asked them for a translation, and they said the translation doesn't matter. It's the tone that counts. That forced nasal tone and the fast one syllable words seem to put your mind in a blissful place similar to meditation. I was intrigued.

A few months later I picked up another hitchhiker. This guy was also a Buddhist on his way to a chanting, so I proceeded to take him to where he was going, just like the last one. This house was owned by a Japanese woman, and there were about eight people mostly in their teens and 20s. All of them were happy, peaceful and excited because they were preparing for their trip to Hawaii. This was the first time I heard of a religion that seemed to be based in the material. The concept was to free yourself to get what you want. One kid was telling me about how he wanted an electric guitar and had no money for one. On his way home he took a different route and walked through a vacant lot, where he just happened to spot a $100 bill blowing in front of him in the grass. He took this $100 bill to the music store, and bought the electric guitar he wanted -- that just happened to cost exactly $100. I heard many stories like this that day, and I began to think on a different level. I later learned they all managed to get to Hawaii -- and not one of them had any visible means of support. It seems they all chanted their way there.

Since you've gotten this far I can only assume you're still interested. Now I have a question for YOU.

What do you want?                            

                    Genesis or morphism?