It's not enough to feel better.  We need to feel great and this anti-fun crap we have to deal with is not the way to handle it.  We've been duped into believing that if we stop drinking, smoking, doing illegal drugs, driving fast, carrying guns and swearing we'll all be a happier race. I have one word to say about that.  Excrement.  We have created a society of sobriety check points and random drug testing where any of us, at any given time, could enter the judicial system and never come out the same way again.  School children are pressured into telling authorities about the drug and alcohol use of their parents and if a child so much as points a finger at a classmate, that child could be forcibly removed by the police to spend time in juvenile hall for terroristic threats.  They used to call them highway check points to see if you had a license and owners card.  Now, they completely ignore our constitutional rights and boldly call them "sobriety checkpoints" and heaven help you if you had a beer before you got behind the wheel, cause blowing a 0.08 will give you a one way ticket to the gray bar hotel, loss of driving rights, which means you lose your job, and when you get out on parole you can look forward to house arrest and random tests to see if you drank anything.  One drink can send you back to the poky and you can look forward to forced AA meetings and rehabs, which YOU have to pay for along with all the other costs like lawyer fees, bail, and room and board in jail.  (yeah, no shit!)
Before too long you can look forward to driving down the street in the comfort of your own car, sneaking drags from your illegal tobacco when a little old lady spots you and calls 911 to inform them of criminal tobacco use.
A plain, white van forces your car to the curb and you are pulled from your car into the van and sent to a rehab where you are re-oriented to a non-smoking society, through the use of psychoactive drugs and intense condition therapy, and cheerfully give names of all the people you know who smoke so that they can be helped the same way.  (read Orwell's 1984)

Godamn, you say!  Well, just look at the changes in the past ten years and ask yourself if giving up your freedoms is worth all this security, cause sure as shit, in the end you won't have either.


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