America is the only nation on Earth that forces its people to respect one another.  From early childhood the American child learns respect, tolerance, and openness with social laws and rules so that respect of other cultures and orientations are second nature.  Our society demands other countries send us their riff raff and offal because we, ourselves, are products of generations of riff raff and offal.  The crucial difference is that we, by the insight of our founding fathers' wisdom, wanted to create a way out of the pit.  That's why everyone wants to come to America, and rightly so.  But our very tolerance is going to be our undoing.  We don't stand up and take notice as to what's happening.

Between 1890 and 1920 we had an enormous immigration wave into this country.  At least 9 or 10 million people came to this country, mostly from eastern Europe and Ireland, and managed to blend cultures through hard labor, sweat and a vision of climbing out of the pit for the sake of their progeny.  The first order of business was to learn the language and become productive citizens and give something back to their adoptive country that gave them the freedom to develop a meaningful life and to become more enlightened.  To blend and become American was all important to this immigrant wave.  They worked any job they could for 14 hours a day until they acquired the means to their own slice of pie... a business,  profession, or livelihood they could call their own.

The world has experienced immigration many times but the Moslem immigrants of the world have never fully blended.   Mohammad, may he float like a butterfly-sting like a bee, Prophet of Islam, known as the "Apostle of Peace," dictates anything non-Moslem should be destroyed.  This throws a monkey wrench into the world social order and Americans are mystified as to why this religion is so schizophrenic that they have no tolerance for anything but what their murderous prophet, the "Apostle of Peace," dictates. 

Mohammad, may he beheld as the mouth that roared, was more than a warrior-leader who started Islam.  He was a psychotic profiteer with an army of loser-criminals who took great pleasure in killing, robbing, ransoming, child molesting, torturing, and mutilating anyone he wanted, for the slimmest of reasons, mostly profit and revenge, and justifying it all in the name of Allah.  By merely saying, Allah wants it this way, is what gave this serial-psycho killer the prophet label.  To this day, Mohammad, may he be regarded as the pope of rope-a-dope, can do no wrong... And that goes for his psychotic, narrow-minded followers.  Is it any wonder assholes with explosives are blowing themselves up in crowded subways and hotels for the simple reason to take as many non-believers out with them?  Pardon my French but this is one fucked up religion.  

I pondered this concept of zero tolerance of the world through Islam and decided to seek an answer through nature.  In my mind, all on this planet is natural, and like it or not, we all follow natural laws.  So, I went out to mow my lawn...

In my yard I have an array of various grasses.  Fescues and bents are all vying for control of their part of the back yard universe.  Patches of dense grass of one variety grow and expand into the territory of other grasses where conflict appears at the borders.  One type of grass will try to grow in another grass's territory.  A battle ensues and the winner gets some more turf.  The type of grass that seems to be the most nuisance is crab grass.  It seems to grow anywhere and is almost impossible to control.  My lawn mower can control them all but crab grass is resilient and keeps coming back.  It doesn't have to spread seed to propagate.  It can send roots underground and come up in another part of the yard, in fescue territory, and take over from within.  It wouldn't be so bad but crab grass is just plain ugly and makes the rest of the grass community look like a hellish wasteland.

How do you control crab grass?  YOU DON'T.  You can either let it overrun your yard, in time, killing off every other form of grass, or you can eradicate it.  Some species on this planet can't co-exist.  Crab grass is one of these pests.  Islamic fundamentalists are another.

Islamic fundamentalism is intolerant and intolerance in a tolerant world just doesn't work.

In a recent word-wide poll, it's been discovered that 1% of the Islamic world consider themselves as functioning jihadists.  20% feels suicide bombing is never justified.  43% feels suicide bombing is justified in some cases.  The rest, 36%,  feels suicide bombing is always justified.  Taking into consideration a + or - 3% you still come up with a formidable amount of one billion Moslems who think killing is a great thing, or at least, acceptable.  And this bastard religion dares to call the United States the Great Satan?  These people have their heads shoved so far up their asses they don't even expose their ears to hear.  Sure, there may be some clumps of crab grass in my yard that stays put and keeps to themselves, and just like these dumb-ass, close-minded followers of that psychotic criminal, Mohammad, may the fleas of 10,000 camels nest in his beard, sooner or later they'll send some shoots to the tolerant side of the lawn and raise some hell.  Guilt by association.  Kill 'em all.

Look at the numbers above and ask yourself if you can win the hearts and minds of these people any more than you can win the hearts and minds of crab grass and you'll come up with the same answer as I did.... Eliminate them before they eliminate you.

We're a very tolerant nation but there are a few things we need to do NOW.

1.  Prevent Moslems from entering this country and keeping the ones that are here under a microscope.  We have a southern border that's hardly guarded, with a plentiful amount of Mexicans, South Americans and Islamics crossing the border at will.  I have nothing against hard working people looking for a better life but if you want to bring your festering, intolerant, murderous, so called religion with you, be prepared to die alone in the south western desert. 

2.  Take up arms.  Be prepared to defend yourself and your neighbors with whatever force necessary.

3.  Wage our own jihad.  Collect ammo and fill the hollow points and shotgun shells with pig fat.  The weak point with any jihadist is pork products.  A pig is an unclean animal and any Moslem who comes in contact with pork will never get the Allah-supplied virgins promised by that perverted pustule, Mohammad, may his 9 year old wife give birth to donkeys.  Give 'em a taste of Jimmy Dean pure pork right where it counts and they'll never see Allah.

4.  Drink beer.  If there's one thing a jihadist can't tolerate it's someone drinking alcoholic beverages and having a good time.  In fact, we should supply our troops in Iraq with enough beer to float a battleship.  Ok... Moslems are against alcohol.  The rest of the world is against killing innocent people.  Let's consider no alcohol for the troops when these Islamic assholes stop killing people.  Until that time they have no business dictating anything to anyone, especially ceasing that great American pastime of drinking alcoholic beverages.

5.  Re-education camps for Moslems utilizing psychotherapy re-conditioning techniques, beer, pork products, and LSD.

6.  Target Mecca.  Make it perfectly clear you plan to carpet bomb the whole city with live pigs if they continue their madness.        

7.  Pick out a Moslem and follow him everywhere he goes.  If he questions you, simply tell him Allah sent you to protect him, then take him to the bar for a few drinks.

But... on the other hand....... Maybe I got this all wrong.

In every lie there is a kernel of truth.  What if America IS the great Satan?  After all, the Middle East is the foundation of Earths learning.  They invented universities, a moral code, ethics, astronomy, astrology, Zoroastrianism, geometry, philosophy, mathematics, physics, classical education, the seven wonders of the world, the great library of Alexandria, and enlightenment at a time where the rest of the world was wearing animal skins and eating dirt.  They've been around long enough to have their shit together.  The great library of Alexandria was put to the torch by fanatical Christians, dim-witted assholes, and Turks needing fuel to heat their baths.  Some of the information lost from that great library was a three-volume history of the world by a Babylonian priest named Berossus.  The first volume dealt with the interval from the Creation to the Flood, a period he took to be 432,000 years or about a hundred times longer than the Old Testament chronology.  God only knows what was in the other two volumes.  Agents of the library combed the Earth for books, information, and lost knowledge and ships at port were boarded and books removed for transcription before they were returned.  The library of Alexandria was the center of all information known and they were thirsty for more.  For hundreds of years they aquired knowledge such as the works of Aristarchus of Samos who argued the Earth was not the center of the universe but a planet circling the sun like all the others.  (It wouldn't be until 1864 that the Catholic Church finally accepted the fact that the Earth wasn't flat but round.)  The last librarian of Alexandria was another story.  Her name was Hypatia and she was a mathematician, astronomer, physicist and the head of the Neoplatonic school of philosophy.  Cyril, the Archbishop of Alexandria, hated her because she was a symbol of learning and science, which were largely identified by the early Christians with paganism.  On her way to work she was dragged off her chariot by Cyril and his fanatical parishioners, tore her clothes off, and flayed the flesh from her bones with abalone shells.  Her remains were burned, her works obliterated, her name forgotten.  Cyril was made a saint for this great Christian act.  

We've come a long way since then... NOT.  We are home to an ancient order who's purpose in life is to rule the world through symbolism, magic, and a sworn allegiance to none other but Satan himself.  It's an act of magic that we should have a five sided building in Washington D.C. for the express purpose of warfare that everyone thinks is normal and that it was attacked 60 years to the day it was built, without anyone thinking twice, is ultra-magic.  The Knights Templar, the Crusades, the witch hunts, the Ku Klux Klan, George Bush having all his business partners like Sadam and Pineappleface arrested cause they didn't play right...  So many articles were written about this kind of stuff that wasting the bandwidth on it now would just detract from what my point is about.  Try a Google on 33rd parallel, skull and bones, ghost dance, and MK-ULTRA if you want some cheap amazement.

Look at that list and statistics again...  Is it possible our leaders represent us as crabgrass to the rest of the world?

After watching the movie, Tommy, I realize you can't expect anyone to catch your drift if you expect them to go blind, deaf, and dumb while you're trying to make a point.  But many religions expect just that.  They want their followers to be sensory deprived while the only information they receive is from the messiah of choice.  

All it takes to be a messiah is charisma, some followers, and a really good ad campaign.  You want your potential followers to have the heartbreak of psoriasis and to realize not only a cure exists but that YOU have the cure, and then you go on TV.

Mohammad, may he rest in peace, was one of these guys, and he came at the right time, at the right place.  He said, "Ya wanna live a good life?  Then follow me cause I did this and it worked for me."  Jesus said the same thing.  So did Buddha, Mao Zedong, Lennin, Gerry Addams  Pol Pot, and a shit load of other messiahs.  The only difference between them is the degree of violence before you go deaf, dumb, and blind.

Do you want to follow the right path?  Then follow your heart, if you have one, and keep your senses.  It's an easy path to follow, as long as you can read past the bullshit sign changes the false messiahs are posting.  

Look at it as a trip from Mexico City to the North Pole.  Just follow the geese and make sure the sun rises on your right and sets on your left and Polaris is right in front of you at night.  And if someone tells you  I-80 will take you there, listen to what he has to say but check out the map before you head to New York.

So, what's this got to do with Islam taking over the world?  Not a goddam thing.  And THAT's my point.  The world is already taken over by Christian bonesmen and their Hegelian dialectic of chaos, disorder, and family and moral decay.  The splodidopes and jihadists are just reacting the only way they know how because they know it's a war between good and evil and they believe God's on their side and Satan's on the other.   

Now ask yourself a couple questions.

Who does the crabgrass represent?


Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?


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