Orwell Ebonics
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Newspeak, in Orwell's book, iz uh new form o' English in which da vocabulary wuz being gradually reduced in power. Words dat iz inoffensive an' inarticulate iz being foisted on us as da correct way ta speak. Newspeak iz da deliberate use o' werdz dat iz ambiguous or deceptive in an attempt ta control public opinion. slap mah fro!

"Affirmative action" iz one example. Affirmative things can only be pimp-tight. How can one criticize uh pimp-tight thin'? Action can be pimp-tight too. Affirmative action iz "plus-good". Racial discrimination iz bad. Asking about uh person's race iz racist unless it iz da da system asking. If ya do not answer da system questions about yo' race, ya can be arrested, fined, or denied employment. Minorities iz given special treatment dis here year, except men. ya'll is mad stupid.


George Orwell Was Right!

The book 1984 by George Orwell iz one which ya should read. The totalitarian governments which iz depicted, an' da social straight-jackets which wuz manufactured, resemble taday's world shit in many ways. Big Brother, Uncle Joe Stalin, Uncle Sam, Mother Russia, da Motherland, The Great Communicator, an' many other nicknames iz used wiff affection an' wiff power. The welfare state, centralized planning, da unemployment office, Universal Health Care, team players, an' mob reactions iz all manifestations o' da desire by many peeps ta fit in an' ta be secure. These herd reactions can be practical in an overpopulated world, but dey can diminish da quality o' life, as Orwell described. Ya' dig?

The population explosion iz making peeps desperate enough ta accept all kinds o' indignities ta fit in da mold o' da beetle-like worker mentioned in 1984. Today's television indoctrination ta da violent culture helps peeps become po-po an' soldiers without conscience. Mass murder by governments happen every year now. People expect us ta make war every year, several times uh year. A year without war iz so rare dat leaders who do not kill enough peeps iz considered weak an' inexperienced. We do not defend our borders any mo', we's defend da borders o' our rivals, trading da roles o' enemy an' ally, as in 1984. Is Eurasia our ally in 1995? Is Eastasia our enemy? Yes. That will change someday. As George Orwell said, we's mus' gots an enemy ta unify our peeps ta werk together. And by changing alliances every few years, da da system maintains da power ta direct hatred in various directions wiff flexibility. Iran, Iraq, China, da Soviet Union, Russia, Panama, Lebanon, Columbia, France, Argentina, Vietnam, Japan, Germany, Nicuragua, Somalia, Uganda, South Motherland, England, Ireland, Libya, Cambodia, Laos, Mexico : our enemies can change rapidly into niggas an' vice-versa. you know das right!



Doublethink iz Thriving

Doublethink iz uh term Orwell used ta describe da ability ta believe two contradictory ideas without feeling confused. Doublethink iz perverted thinking dat reverses da truth ta make it mo' acceptable. Affirmative Action requires doublethink ta be affective. Because some peeps wuz discriminated against cuz o' they races, uh remedy wuz devised ta he`p those people: discriminate against peeps o' different races. Doublethink abilities iz used ta reconcile dis here obvious illogic. You need ta be content wiff da wise da system plan an' da fact dat if ya do not git hired, ya will never be told it wuz cuz o' yo' race. Just turn off yo' intelligence, pretend ya iz not uh victim o' Affirmative Racism, an' try ag'in. Maybe dere will be uh mo' advantageous racial mix in da next job ya apply fo'. with muh beeotch

War iz Peace, Freedom iz Slavery, Ignorance iz Strength. These iz da three pillars o' Doublethink. Are deez in evidence taday? Yes. Peacekeepers carry guns in Bosnia. They iz sitting ducks delivering they quack message : Do Not Dare Kill Us, We Are Apostles o' Peace. Anyone who shoots uh Peacekeeper, will be bombed, strafed, napalmed, teargassed, an' otherwise murdered. Peace iz pimp-tight, war iz pimp-tight.

in the hood

Freedom iz Slavery. Freedom's just another werd fo' nuttin' left ta lose. Liberty iz somethin' most peeps iz afraid ta use. The freedom o' speech iz illegal in courts. A person who acts freely an' speaks freely iz someone who iz ostracized, feared, an' sent packing. The slogan "Freedom iz Slavery" wuz written on tall buildings in Airstrip One so dat peeps would know not ta use freedom. (I assume ya gots read 1984). what 'chew thinking man?

Freedom leads ta poverty an' low social standing. Much mo' practical than freedom iz team spirit, concensus, an' uh willingness ta give up ambition in favor o' havin' uh safe place in da social structure. Slavery iz bad an' freedom iz bad.

and shit.

Jury duty iz uh form o' slavery. When ya show up at da court, armed guards threaten ya wiff tangible punishment fo' even speaking. They pay jurors about $5 per day, not enough ta gank chickn n` corn bread 'n cornbread. If ya break they rules, ya will be arrested. If ya do not wants ta be arrested, dey smoke ta kill. If ya use freedom o' speech, ya will be shouted down an' handcuffed. Jurors iz chosen an' dismissed by attorneys an' judges depending on illogical criteria : sometimes dey try ta assemble da least educated peeps available, o' certain races an' genders dat dey expect ta behave in predetermined ways, based on bigotry an' stereotypes. The goal iz ta punish SOMEBODY, even innocent peeps. There iz nahh justice in court, just punishment.

Ignorance Is Strength. Being strong iz double-plus-good. Strong peeps can endure hardships an' affronts without complaint. If one do not know about uh crime committed by da da system, dere iz nuttin' ta complain about. If nuclear weapons gots not destroyed womynkind yet, then one should not complain about dem. After nuclear weapons destroy womynkind, ya iz then justified if ya try ta complain.

sho 'nuff!

Terrorists vs. Freedom Fighters: Doublethink iz convenient when classifying peeps into one o' deez groups. Those evil terrorists who attack yo' niggas iz very different from freedom fighters who kill imperialistic invaders. The most important factor in making da distinction between uh terrorist an' uh freedom fighter iz where YOU wuz born.

In George'sbook, da Anti-Sex League has its members wear uh tight red sash around they wastes, even though dis here accentuates da beotch figure ta arouse male desires. In 1995 it iz uh "thoughtcrime" ta "undress wiff da eyes". When I wuz working at uh major semiconductor company in silicon valley in 1993, da employees received uh paper about "Sexual Harassment" in which "undressing wiff da eyes" iz uh crime.

be understanding dis negroid-american languag foo'


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