Who is this God person?
January 10, 2005.  I was listening to commentary about the tsunami and all these people on the radio were trying to make sense of it.  The opinions were based on God's plan, karma and human rationality by religious scholars, spiritual experts and the common man.

Some of the comments I heard...
"God is omniscient so he knew what he was doing when he killed all those people.  There was a reason that will be revealed when we die and we'll then know and understand."  "God is not a micro-manager."  "God directed every, single molecule of water to do exactly his bidding for reasons only God knows."  "The people have accumulated so much bad karma and the tsunami is karmic cleansing."

Before we start thinking like God, maybe we should try and understand this deity.
A few questions came to mind... Is God a thinking, rational creature?  Is God a man?  A woman?  A hermaphrodite?  Neuter?  Is God an old man who lives in the sky who rewards us for being good and punishes us for being bad?  Is God an earth goddess?  Is God a cosmic god?  Is God singular or plural?  Is God closer to men, animals, plants, machines?  Are humans the only ones with souls?  Do souls exist?  Is God separate from us?  Does God categorize?  Is God most like a teacher or a principal or the school board or the Ford Foundation?  Does God evolve?  Were we made in God's image and likeness or was it the other way around?  Is God a communist?  Does God have the same emotions most humans have?  Does God have a sense of humor?  Can you petition God with prayer?

Wanna know what I think?  George Bush is far from God, he's a human, like me, and I don't have a clue what's going through that man's mind.  How in the hell is anyone going to figure out God who is so totally beyond us?
Well, the answer is simple.  God should not be humanized and he is not the personification of a single deity.  In fact, we should re-think this whole thing.  Maybe God is the improper word. 
Let me clarify... When something happens that we can't explain it's an easy cop-out to lay it on a deity.  Primitives didn't know what made the sun rise or trees grow or tears to form so it was all God's doing. 

Maybe if we substitute the word "God" for something more easily understood, that means roughly the same thing, we might get a better handle on this deity concept.

What is the one thing that seems to encapsulate best what God is like?  Let's see... It always was and always will be.  It knows all, sees all and is in constant contact with everything, all the time.  No secrets are kept from it and every thought is instantly read.  It directs the movements of everything with exact precision from galaxies to sub-atomic particles.  It knows how to make alka-seltzer.  It answers every question, provides every insight and heals every wound.  It makes the sun rise, trees grow and forms tears when the time is right. 

Would it make more sense if we substitute Universe in place of God?  It's just a simple name change but it puts things in perspective.  If you think about it, God is simply god only with a capital "G" for respect, right?  Would it be better if I were to call you Man instead of man, Woman instead of woman?  We've had many gods throughout history and giving God a capital letter just makes him god-prime.  That's all.

I propose we give God a better name.  A name worthy of his extreme greatness and honor.  Not a simple, generic Earth name but a cosmic name.  Ok... So Universe is still a generic name but there is only ONE Universe, as far as we know, so universe-prime is redundant.  Besides, is there anything bigger than The Universe?  Is there anything bigger then everything? 

Now, let's re-examine this tragic tsunami and what it was all about using God's new name.

Universe's infinite reason and sense of fair play dictates that it can't play favorites.  The tsunami that killed 100,000 people was a simple Earth reaction and Sri Lanka was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Universe knew what was going to happen but it is non-political and doesn't take sides.  It's hostility is matched only by it's machine-like perfection.  All the prayers and good karma could not prevent the tsunami.  It's not that Universe is a vengeful universe or a forgiving universe.   It's just that Universe doggedly pays attention to business.  Like a giant, perfect, corporation, Universe makes constant, exact movements and adjustments without regard to anything but what IS.  It's strictly in the NOW, as far as we're concerned, and all books are instantly balanced.  Humanity's only hope is to avoid places like Sri Lanka when things like tsunami's happen. 

One interesting point... Although ten's of thousands of humans died in the tsunami, there were no dead animals found.  Do animals have an inside track on what Universe is planning?
If the "lower" life forms in Sri Lanka could attain and utilize such inside information why can't you?  I mean, just who is supposed to be closer to God, according to religious dogma, you or lower life forms?  Why would God allow his favorites to perish unless humans weren't his favorites to begin with?

At this point, I'm tempted to go off on a real tangent involving the human ego and how we view ourselves as God's favorite creatures, made in his own image and likeness, and because of our God given rational views and choices, set us high above creation as the only creatures with a one-way ticket to heaven we call an everlasting soul.  But I digress.

Maybe the key isn't getting Universe to do your bidding but allowing Universe to let you know when things will happen and where.  I can't make George Bush do anything but I can tell from his white house agenda what he'll probably do. 
It's a western attitude that we believe we can change nature to make our lives easier.  To conquer the elements and reign supreme over lesser creatures and have dominion over the Earth.  Isn't it easier to know what the
weather will be like tomorrow and plan around that knowledge?

In coming pages I will show you how to get the inside information on what is on Universes agenda and how to take advantage of opportunity, not just to save your lives from future tsunami's but how to get everything you want by being in the right place at the right time.
And what's in a name anyway?
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