When the geniuses are free to think and create, the common man flourishes. But when the great thinkers are stifled, the common man suffers.


Have we invented anything new lately?  Think about that for a bit.  We've had the telephone, airplanes and hot dogs for about a hundred years now.  Improvements on inventions aren't inventions, so we can leave out cell phones, space shuttles and Oscar Mayer.  Computers were around during WWII, fax machines in the '20s and false teeth in the 1700s; so, what have we really invented lately?  Sure, we made radios smaller and have games on cell phones -- but the phone service isn't any better, and satellite radio is just another expense shrouded in razzle-dazzle toy-tech.

How did we get to this point?  Whatever happened to the Edisons, Marconis and Teslas of this world?

When Ayn Rand wrote Atlas Shrugged she envisioned a country where socialism takes over capitalism, resulting in the smartest people in society dropping out of sight to let the morons screw things up even further.  She did a good job showing how socialism in an evolving society can stifle everything, but she never took into consideration capitalist greed.  When she wrote her famous novel, capitalists were pretty smart guys who had enough business sense to put back into the company in order to make it grow.  What we have now, that she never envisioned, is a system where the super-smart industrialist inventors are replaced with money-grabbing swine whose only interest is more for themselves at the cost of anything and everything.  Gone are the Westinghouses, Edisons and the Carnegies, and they've been replaced with IBM, Microshaft and Enron.  

How did we get to this point?  You can check out business for an idea, but I'm convinced it's because business and art don't mix very well.  Generally speaking, if you're a good businessman you're not so good in art, and if you're a great businessman you oppose art.  An artist can be the best in his class, but might never sell a painting.  Case in point is Vincent Van Gogh.  The epitome of the starving artist driven mad with his art, where his brother, Theo, was a successful businessman directing an art house.  Art was Vincent's passion, and Theo's business.  Theo supported his brother because Vincent couldn't survive on his own art.  You'd think if Van Gogh's brother ran an art house he'd at least have a showing of some kind, or sell just one lousy painting, but Theo was a businessman and didn't know good art if he fell over it -- and not supporting his brother's art was proof that Theo was better suited as an accountant than as an art dealer.

Sometimes art and business are comfortable together, such as advertising -- but by and large, art people and business people are polar opposites.

A few artists

Nicola Tesla ( July 9/10, 1856,- Jan. 7, 1943) sailed for America in 1884, arriving in New York, with four cents in his pocket, a few of his own poems, and calculations for a flying machine. He first found employment with Thomas Edison, but the two inventors were far apart in background and methods, and their separation was inevitable.

In May 1885, George Westinghouse, head of the Westinghouse Electric Company in Pittsburgh, bought the patent rights to Tesla's polyphase system of alternating-current dynamos, transformers, and motors. The transaction precipitated a titanic power struggle between Edison's direct-current systems and the Tesla-Westinghouse alternating-current approach, which eventually won out. 

In Colorado Springs, Colo., where he stayed from May 1899 until early 1900, Tesla made what he regarded as his most important discovery-- terrestrial stationary waves. By this discovery, he proved that the Earth could be used as a conductor and would be as responsive as a tuning fork to electrical vibrations of a certain frequency. He also lighted 200 lamps without wires from a distance of 25 miles and created man-made lightning, producing flashes measuring 135 feet.  Allowed to proceed along this course meant eventually everyone would be provided with free electricity.  George Westinghouse refused to finance any project that would reduce his profits so Tesla was financially cut off.

Returning to New York in 1900, Tesla began construction on Long Island of a wireless world broadcasting tower, with $150,000 capital from the American financier J. Pierpont Morgan. Tesla claimed he secured the loan by assigning 51 percent of his patent rights of telephony and telegraphy to Morgan. He expected to provide worldwide communication and to furnish facilities for sending pictures, messages, weather warnings, and stock reports. The project was abandoned because of a financial panic, labor troubles, and Morgan's withdrawal of support. It was Tesla's greatest defeat.

Tesla was a godsend to reporters who sought sensational copy from the mad scientist and his speculations concerning communication with other planets, his assertions that he could split the Earth like an apple, and his claim of having invented a death ray capable of destroying 10,000 airplanes at a distance of 250 miles.

When he died in poverty on Jan. 7, 1943, his laboratory was ransacked and all papers, notes and scientific data was taken by the government.

Wilhelm Reich (March 24, 1897–November 3, 1957) was an Austrian psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and author, who was trained in Vienna by Sigmund Freud.

In the 1930s, Reich claimed to have discovered a physical energy, which he called "orgone," and which he said was contained in the atmosphere and in all living matter. He developed instruments — orgone accumulators — to detect and harness the energy, which he said could be used to treat illnesses like cancer. His views were not accepted by the mainstream scientific community.

He was also experimenting with free, useable energy from orgone and it's documented in his notes he managed to make a small electric motor run solely on the orgone energy in his accumulator.   

When his Mass Psychology of Fascism, published in 1933, was banned by the Nazis, Reich realized he was in danger; he moved to the United States in 1939, where he continued his orgone research. In 1947, following a series of articles about orgone in the New Republic and Harpers, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began an investigation into Reich's claims about orgone therapy, and won an injunction against its promotion as a medical treatment. Charged with contempt of court for violating the injunction, Reich conducted his own defense, which involved sending the judge all his books to read. He was sentenced to two years' imprisonment.

In August 1956, several tons of Reich's publications were burned by the FDA in an incinerator in New York City. Reich died of heart failure in jail just over a year later, one day before he was due to apply for parole.

John Galt (who looks amazingly like Christopher Walken), Ayn Rand's fictional character in her novel Atlas Shrugged, was the perfect man who invented a machine that converted static electricity to usable energy, and who used this device to power his community of great thinkers who dropped out of the new social order.

What do Nicola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich and John Galt have in common?  They all had something to do with the creation of free energy.  What would the world be like if we all had free electricity?  We could then use electric cars and electric heat and electric air conditioning and hydroponics and industry would thrive because the bulk of their costs would be gone.  Transportation costs would drop and prices would roll back to 1957 prices.  Fossil fuels would be a thing of the past, and everyone would get a check once a month from the electric companies from the surplus electricity they'd sell them.

Fantasy, you say?  Tesla had already worked out the details and Reich was on the verge of an inexhaustible energy source from the cosmos.  Even Westinghouse, who got most of his credit from Tesla, was working on perpetual motion.  Why do we insist on powering our vehicles and heating our homes on the same technology we had in the 1930's?  Sure, we have nuclear, but how does that benefit us?  Our electric bills are higher than ever, and gas is well over 2 bucks a gallon, at the time of this writing.

Ok, so why don't we have free energy?  Simple.  The small percentage of people who run this planet don't want us to have free energy because they'll lose their foothold on world dominance.  It's a control issue.  1% of the world controls 99% or the Earth's resources, which leaves 99% of the population fighting over the remaining 1%.  The top 1% like this arrangement, and they'll do anything and everything to keep the system the way it is.

Think about all the inventions in the past century.  Electric windshield wipers, automatic transmissions, airplanes, room-temperature nuclear fusion, and many, many others...... all were invented by individuals, not corporations, governments or industrialists.  It's the common man who possesses the genius on this planet for change.  Big business simply markets them to line their own pockets to the tune of 400 times the hourly wage of the average worker in the company.   

Imagine, if you will, a box the size of a small refrigerator, capable of generating electricity and broadcasting this energy to any appliance within a specified range.  No wires, no fuel, no noisy motor.  Just a simple box made from readily available parts found at any hardware store or lumber yard with the capability to power everything from your lights to your hot tub, with enough surplus energy that would earn you a check every month from the electric company, who according to law, must pay you for surplus energy just as you must pay them for any energy you use from them.

How much would a device like this be worth?  Do you honestly think the powers that be would allow you to live with such knowledge?  Will you silently take your hush money and spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder?

I have a better idea.  Rather than fall into the money trap by selling this idea or selling out to the powers that be, why not simply give it away?  Put the plans on the Internet and let everyone build their own energy-producing machine.  In one month, the electric companies will be paying some of their customers for electricity.  Little by little, the power companies will be making less and less money.  In six months, a million people can earn livings from selling surplus electricity to the power companies.  Big business will jump on this bandwagon with both feet, because their bottom line will increase overnight.  The electric companies will try their best to corner the market on these machines.  Congress will try to enact laws to make these machines illegal,  but it'll be too late.  The genie is out of the lamp, and big business will put the cork in the bottle with greed as the motivation.  Electric cars will flood the market and fossil fuels will be a thing of the past.  Panic for Mobil/Exxon and OPEC.  Fossil fuel prices will plummet.  The House of Sa'ud -- better known as the ruling family of Saudi Arabia, will be just another family with gold faucets in every bathroom whose countrymen will cheerfully exact Islamic revenge, making what happened to the Romanovs look like a bar-b-q in the park.  Just another bunch of guys in dresses.  Pennsylvania Power & Light will consider scrapping their power plants, and people will have more free time, because now they don't have to work all those hours to pay all those huge monthly bills.  Third world nations will now have electric lights and refrigeration and hunger will be abolished.  With cheap energy, there will be cheap ways to produce food, and hydroponics will be available even for the urbanite.  The term "not enough to go around" will be a thing of the past.  The ecologists and environmentalists will be pleased, and all of Earth's population will live in abundance.

The only problem is we ran out of people smart enough to invent such a device.  Capitalism/socialism/big business/Big Brother has managed to stifle the artist almost to the point of no return. 

To the Teslas, Reichs and Galts of this world...

   The best way to deal with authority is to avoid them.  Just invent the machine and let us get it out there for you.


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