Food and Drug Addiction

Take a good look at the pyramid to the right.  Notice the farther up the pyramid you go, the harder it is to distinguish between law and crime.  Notice the class structure, and how the top 2% rest comfortably at the point... the absolute gray area of law and order.  A veritable pinnacle of the trickle-down theory.  This is the elephants' graveyard, the porch light for the human moths, the nirvana for the elite 2% of humanity, the all-seeing eye of the glitterati-cognoscenti.  

Notice, too, that each pyramid has a top cap that has a volume of exactly 2% of the whole.  Only the dollar has the *effrontery to show light rays surrounding the all-seeing eye.

*Hey, I don't make these words up.

That 2% keeps showing up.  The top 2% of the world run the world.  In 1910 2% of the American population was addicted to some form of drug.  The difference is in 1910, there were no such things as illegal drugs.  If you went into any drug store and said to the druggist, "I want some cocaine, please," he'd produce some without batting an eye.  Shortly after 1910 we invented laws against such drug use.  After the government invented prohibition, there were 2% of the American population who regularly checked into drunk tanks and hospitals as a result of drinking bad booze.  It turns out 2% of the population were addicted to alcohol.  After prohibition was repealed, there were still drunks, only they didn't go blind from bad booze.  They just slept it off somewhere, and woke up refreshed and ready for the first drink of the day.  Statistically, there is the same rate of addictive personalities now as there was in 1910.  

But addiction is bad, isn't it?

It all depends on which drug you're addicted to.  Some drug addictions are socially acceptable, and some aren't.  Get involved with illegal drugs, and you stand the chance of arrest and getting in the system and losing everything to pay the government for your crimes.  Get involved with gambling, and you can lose everything to pay the government for your gambling addiction.  Get involved with religion, and you can lose yourself in someone else's dogma.  Get involved with a money addiction, and you could rule the world.  I suppose ruling the world to a money addict is the same kick as finding the perfect high to a heroin addict.  One is socially acceptable and worthy of praise.  The other is socially unacceptable and worthy of disdain.  But it's the same outcome.  We all try to achieve the goals we personally set out to achieve.

Look at that pyramid again.  To a criminal, the point on top is the same goal as the cop's.  The difference is how you look at it and what your career goals are.

Most of the battles between law and crime are among themselves.  Little people are hardly ever involved, unless it's a shakedown, and the government, which always stands for law and order, will have its hands in your pockets and bank accounts, and paychecks from your first Social Security card to beyond the grave, with sanctioned agents like the Internal Revenue Service, local taxes, state taxes, capital gains taxes, sale taxes, heredity taxes, and municipal taxes to exact its pound of flesh.  Crime, on the other hand, may shake you down on insurance premiums to prevent your house or business from getting the torch, and that's just in very small sections of gangster-movie reality tunnels.  For the most part, criminals kill cops, cops kill criminals, criminals kill criminals, and the little people read about it in the paper and watch it on TV and formulate the reality that society is made up of good guys and bad guys, and hopefully, they're on the good side.  Nothing could be wronger.

The only reason anyone climbs the ladder of success, no matter what direction you start from, is to increase wealth until money alone doesn't provide the "kick" anymore and a new drug is needed... power.  Power is short-lived and empty, once you've acquired a tolerance for it, and a newer, more potent drug is desired --  control.

When John D. Rockefeller, the guy who got paid for every drop of oil purchased in this country, was asked, "How much money do you need?"  His answer was, "Just a little more."   When Pablo Escobar, who got paid for almost every line of cocaine snorted in this country in the '70's, was asked the same question, he said just about the same thing.  Both had a product to sell that the little people wanted.  One of these guys set up a Marxist government to control the world.  One was merely a capitalist.  Both were addicts. 



Can you tell who the bad guy is?

Do you really care?


There are other forms of addiction besides food and drugs, ya know.  (money is a drug)

Let's take a look at some and get away from the shallow end of the gene pool, shall we?


I was so intent on putting this page to rest I almost settled for filling it with pictures of babes.  Not just any babes, but babes dressed as nuns, babes scanning their hooters on color copiers, babes swimming, naked babes looking for beer on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator... You know, babes in the act of their addiction of choice.  But then I wondered if I should stoop to such cheap chicanery as to follow up a discussion of Rockefeller and Escobar with a bevy of scantily-clad floozies just because I didn't feel like following through with a suitable ending.  It's the oldest trick in the book... When you run out of ideas, you just throw in a naked babe.  I may as well have a big, naked ass in place of this text.  Would a bare buttocks make the Rockefeller/Escobar connection complete?  "What is that... A well formed hiney? Wait a minute!  I get it!"  

Did Mozart have to include a big bang at the end of "Don Giovanni" so the audience would know the tune was over?  

Well, if a butt is what you want..............


  You may be asking yourself just what this ass has to do with the Rockefeller/Escobar connection.  Plenty.  This butt belongs to a miss Tawny Stevens from East Egg, New Jersey, who in 1976 gave a blow job to Bill Richmond, vice president of "special operations" for the World Bank, in a bathroom stall of Studio 54 in New York for 2 lines of Columbian snow provided by Pablo Escobar.  Her 1968 Dodge Charger had a half tank of gas she purchased from an Exxon in Hoboken, NJ, owned by Rockefeller.  She also graduated from Columbia University with a degree in biophysics, at the top 2% of her class.  Coincidence?

We report.  You decide.       


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