Cinematic Scenes from a Parallel Universe

Wish I could kill a million people.  Hot dog!
You're not paid to sing like a canary.  Did you get that poison over to the Murphy's place?
     I've got an ass this big.
Hey George, you remember my kid sister, Mary?  Ask her for some sex.  It'll mean the world to her.


I don't want one wish.  I want a whole hat full of wishes.  I want to go to Europe, build concentration camps, and see the world.
Hee haw, hello donkey dick Sam! How ARE you?
I don't want any donkey dicks or ground floors.  I wanna do what I wanna do, and I wanna do you.  Is that your hand?
I offered George the ground floor in vinyl s/m wear and he turned me down cold.

Why don't you kids come shack up with us in Florida for a few weeks?

If we don't find that money it means arrest and scandal and  getting fucked by big niggers in jail and it's NOT going to be me.

How big, George?

I have a life insurance policy.

Why, you're worth more dead than alive, George.  Maybe we can take it out in trade.  wink, wink, nod, nod.

Every time a bell rings an angel gets executed. 

This IS like prison.  I hope Uncle Billy's up up it.

Sort of a fallen angel, aren't ya?  You'll get piles sitting on that frozen bumper.

That guy in there ringing bells thinks he's passing out wings.

To my big brother George. The biggest ass in town.

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