BBC reporter Greg Palast talks at length about how elections are stolen and why oil costs so much and why Hugo Chavez needs to be killed.


Of all the negative stuff that's going on in the world today, it's Amerikan journalism that really pushes the bile to the tip of my throat.  It's common knowledge that the last two presidential elections were stolen.  It should be common knowledge that Amerkan News is owned by the same bastards that stole the elections, which is why nothing is ever investigated or reported about anything.  Just the same propaganda from the same source and all the news channels and news papers report and print the same sludge everyone else reports and prints, as if they all drink from the same cesspool.  American journalism is dead.  Thank God for BBC, who still believes in investigative journalism.

I honestly believe if we had a free press with real journalists instead of desk-jockey drones, unwilling or unable to get the story, who would rather than sit on their fat asses while AP does the work for them, we wouldn't have half the problems we do now.  We'd have a well informed, intelligent society ready to throw the bastards out, instead of the retarded citizenry we have now, who act as if stupidity was a virtue.   

Where the hell is Jack London when you need him? 




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