Praise be and hallelujah, hallelujah!  You took the first step in having your future sins forgiven. 
This means you will soon be able to commit future sins with full faith that all is forgiven before the smiting begins. 
Think of it... you can cavort, lust, smite, pillage and tear assunder to your heart's content, knowing you are saved and no one, besides the civil authorities, can do anything to you.  Free at last, free at last!  Thank God almighty, you're free at last!
Now, how much is all this otherworldly power worth to you? What price can you put on the freedom to lay waste to your neighbor's house full of neighbors, manservants, maidservants, asses and oxen?
Indeed, what price can you put on the ability to commit adultery, make graven images or kill non-believers?  And friends: that's just four Commandments.  Think of the carnival of carnage!  It truly boggles one's mind......

Think of this site as a sin debit card.  We can't grant you total, unlimited absolution free of charge, any more than a bank can give you a debit card free of charge to buy Microsoft.  There has to be a limit, so here is how to do it.  Simply select the Commandment you wish to break in the future and make a donation for each box checked. It's that simple.
  Praise be
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Future Sins Absolution
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