The ABC's of Warfare

No, it's not Atomic, Biological, and Chemical warfare.  It's Accumulator, Blaster, and Cloudbuster.

I built my first orgone accumulator years ago, when living in town.  I was working in a machine shop at the time, so getting supplies was pretty easy.  All I had to do was get the buyer to order stuff I needed, at company cost, which came out of my paycheck.  When I got my supplies, they would deliver it to me where I was working, and later that night I'd use the shop equipment to pre-fab the parts and do the assembly at home.  The guys in the shop thought it was odd that I'd get 4x8 steel sheets delivered to my work station, and these millwrights all had to ask what I was going to do with 50 lbs of steel wool.  I'd tell them they wouldn't understand, but that just made them all the more interested, so I'd tell them I'm building an orgone accumulator.  The open-mouthed, blank stares followed by "What's that?" put me in a position to tell these guys a story they never dreamed in their wildest imaginations.

"I'm building a box that's steel sheeting on the inside, wood and organic material on the outside with less dense materials sandwiched in between.  So, the inside is steel, followed by a layer of steel screen, steel wool, fiberglass insulation, followed by a layer of Celotex and held together with 1x4 lumber," I said.  I pulled the crude plans from my notebook and showed them how this whole thing goes together, right down to the casters on the bottom so I could move it easily.  They said, "What's it do?"  I then took a breath and said the organic material attracts orgone energy and the steel attracts it but repels it in the opposite direction, which makes the inside of this chamber rich with orgone energy, or life force.  Orgone, life force, chi... it all means the same thing, and when your body doesn't get enough of it, disease sets in.  "You're putting us on", one guy said.  I then said, would I go through all this trouble and expense, drawing up plans and working in the shop at night, without pay, just to put you guys on?  They still didn't get it, and why should they?  When these guys get sick, they wait till their day off to go to the emergency room to get treated for double pneumonia with a handful of pills so they don't miss any work, so they can use their sick days to go fishing.  

After I built the accumulator, some of the guys came over to see this thing I was making.  I showed them seedlings that were germinated in the box that were large, lush, and perfect and compared them to seedlings germinated outside the box that were much smaller in appearance.  The difference was dramatic.  For the first time, these guys saw something western science can't explain.  "That box did that?" they said.  Sure, and if putting seedlings in that box would make them healthy, do you think you might get the same result if you sat in there for about 20 minutes a day?  We have a nuclear power plant down the road, a town water system that recycles waste water that comes back as drinking water, not to mention the whole town thrives on abuse.  The best thing anyone can do is get one of these boxes for their home just to prevent an early death.  Needless to say, I was talking to the walls.  I should point out that one of those guys died of pneumonia a few years ago because he didn't want to take time from work to go to the doctor.  He was in his early 40's.   

Years later, I dabbled in other things like orgone blankets, because the accumulator was too large to do anything with.  The blanket was constructed the same as the accumulator without the steel sheets, Celotex or wood, and I could afford to make multiple layers in a portable device that would have an even stronger effect.  My own experiments proved these blankets have something going on.  I was hooked on orgone again.  I wasn't alone, either.  I realized there's an underground movement out there working with orgone energy in all kinds of interesting and creative methods that utilized Reich's engineering with some higher tech improvements that I'm sure he would have used if his life wasn't terminated at such an early point in his life.

Just a few words about orgone blankets...

I made my first orgone blanket out of an old wool blanket and some leftover steel wool.  The construction was wool, steel wool, wool, steel wool, and wool.  Just a simple 2-ply blanket -- but folded in half makes a nice 4-ply orgone generator.  I let a few people try it out without telling them anything about its properties, with the agreement they'd tell me what resulted in its use.  One woman with chronic back pain used it for about a week.  She folded it in half and held it on her lap while she did office work.  She described the sensation as a warm glow, and was delighted to realize she could touch the floor without pain or pills.  Hmmmmm ... interesting.

In my youth, I've had a lot of jobs involving hot, heavy, backbreaking steel work that left my lower back in not the best of shape.  I've been seeing my chiropractor for the last three years, about once every 2 weeks, more or less.  Each time I go in, she bumps me a little here and a little there until I can walk straight again.  She's good, and she knows her stuff, and can take me in on very short notice.  Last March I went for a visit.  I wasn't feeling bad.  I just wanted a tune-up.  After all, I haven't seen her for 4 months.  When she got done, she asked what I did to improve so well.  She said my back was straight as a pin, and there wasn't much she needed to do.  I thought about it, and said I still do everything the wrong way, like pulling heavy things with one hand, not bending my knees when I pick things up, and my diet hasn't changed.  The only difference in my life was the orgone blanket I keep on my recliner, that I use for about an hour or so a day.  She was intrigued and wanted to study this blanket.  Sure, no problem.  I told her she can have it next time I come back.  Three months later, I came in for a tune-up and brought the blanket, as promised.  Again, my back was in the pink, no real problems, even though I abused it pretty much that week.  About two weeks later I made a much needed appointment.  My spine was a mess and I was walking like a troglodite.  She asked me what I did to mess up my back so much.  I told her nothing out of the ordinary.  Moving things the wrong way, picking up heavy stuff without bending my knees, no change in diet.  The only difference is I didn't have the blanket over my recliner.  "I find that hard to believe", she said, "that a blanket could make that much of a difference."  I said, is it easier to believe you did such a terrific adjustment last November that it lasted for 4 months?  We decided this needs more study.  We'll see each other in 4 months and see what happens.        

Let me show you my most recent project.

I completed this project on July 3.  The weather prediction was for sunny skies on the 3rd, with thunderstorms on the 4th and 5th, so I decided to test this thing out.  Using a hand truck for a crude aiming device, I aimed my cloudbuster west at about a 45-degree angle and observed the sky. 

As long as the cloudbuster was pointing straight up, the skies remained clear, but after a few minutes pointing west, I noticed what looked like a front moving in.

As you can see, these last shots are all pointing west.  Note the blue skies in the last picture.  Five minutes after this picture was taken, I aimed it west and 10 minutes later, clouds formed in that direction.  Note also how the cloud seems to dissipate when lined up with the cloudbuster while the background clouds are accumulating.  

After about 20 minutes, I stood the cloudbuster straight up again, and within minutes, the sky turned blue and the front disappeared.
Check out how this cloud seems to be sliced in half as it passes within range.
Knowing Reich used water in his rain-making experiments, I decided to try a few things.  I stood the cloudbuster straight up and filled the top of the bucket with water.  Within 20 minutes, a cloud formed directly overhead.  It didn't come from any direction.  It just seemed to form overhead, and grew in all directions.

Eventually, the whole sky clouded over, and the relative humidity went up 10 degrees.  What started out as a picture-perfect, summer day turned not so beautiful in less than 2 hours.

I'd say my less-than-scientific tests were rather impressive, and I managed to make a liar out of the weatherman  (like that's much of a challenge).

As you recall, weather for July 3rd was supposed to be great, followed by thunderstorms on the 4th and 5th.  Since I planned to party outside for the 4th, I decided to do something about these thunderstorms I heard so much about.  I dumped out the water, pointed the cloudbuster straight up and left it there.  

Long story short, it rained everywhere on the 4th except for a 1-mile radius around this house.  Firework displays were cancelled in various places, and it was damp everywhere but here.  It should be noted that there wasn't a thunderstorm anywhere around here.  One of the reasons Reich designed this machine was to mellow out violent thunder and lightning storms and create gentle rain, which is necessary for life on this planet. In essence, he did to the sky what the orgone accumulator did to my seedlings many years ago.  


Click for detailed plans on building a cloudbuster



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Warfare is such an ugly word, and I hesitated to use it on this page because of the connotations it brings -- i.e. the war on famine, the war on drugs, the war on terror, etc.  War is so imbedded in the Western psyche that we don't even realize what the word means.  It's not just a catchphrase, a Madison Avenue tagline to define opposition to a certain thing but a planned psychological tactic to de-sensitize us to the real horrors of war by putting war in our faces, knowing most people aren't directly involved with it, but experience it just the same.  The real meaning of the war on famine is essentially to kill starving people, or put them in prison;  at least that's what comes to my mind.  Silly, you say?  Think about the war on drugs, or the war on terror.  We routinely imprison drug users or terrorists.  We take them as prisoners, institute RICO, confiscate their properties so they no longer have the funds to defend themselves, run them through the court system, and dispose of them.  It's no different than a war crimes trial.  What makes the war on famine any different?   

I thought about expanding this catchphrase to include the war on stupidity, the war on ignorance, the war on slavery, the war on mans inhumanity to man, etc.  Let the powers that be use war as their metaphor.  I prefer the term defiance.  I defy what some members of the world elite are doing to the people on this planet and I defy your passion to milk us all dry before you take us to slaughter, and I'll stand here with my fist in the air and my knees in your balls before I see your dream a reality.  Those background pictures aren't anti-aircraft guns, but they're weapons just the same, designed to kill you and your plans of world domination.  The underground orgone guerilla movement is here and we are a force to be reckoned with and we are legion.  Bring it on you shape-shifting freaks.